• Description

Geneva is characterized by it’s classic striped pattern made from soft and natural wool. The woolen rug brings authenticity and elegance to any room. Geneva is very easy to maintain due to it’s natural and sustainable materials.

This woolen rug is available in beige.

You cannot order a sample of this rug!

  • Specifications

Material : 70% wool + 30% recycled polyester

Production process : Woven

Thickness : 12 mm

Weight : 2950gsm

Suitable for underfloor heating :

  • Free delivery with UPS

Your order will be shipped to your home with UPS. You will be kept informed when you can receive your purchase. Your rug is well-packed to prevent damage and is insured. We deliver to your doorstep.

  • Maintain and clean


A rug of this quality goes 15 to 30 years on average along. It is important to vacuum your rug weekly to keep it clean and fresh.


In addition, you want your new rug to remain clean and stain-free. It is recommended to to take immediate action when an accident occurs . For a comprehensive overview of how to remove a stain from your carpet.

  • FAQ

Is the rug stain resistant?

Wool is naturally stain resistant! If you spill, you will get all the stains out if you act quickly.

Is it suitable for pets?

One of the great advantages of this rug is that it is easy to maintain. After vacuuming, all hairs are quickly removed. This without damaging your rug, of course. Your four-legged friend’s claws will also lose the battle against this rug.

What about allergies?

You cannot be allergic to a rug. You can however be allergic to the house dust mites that crawl in it. This only occurs with rugs that are very thick. So you don’t have to worry about this rug.

Do you need an undergarment??

No, for us, a high-quality carpet certainly should not need an undergarment.

Is it suitable for underfloor heating?

Yes. This rug has been tested and is suitable for underfloor heating.


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